• Composition with a never ending graphic, and a new modern decorative idea with many possibilities.
  • Akaba ceramics bring a stylish personal touch to quality settings, and different textures with decorations and sizes with graphics.
  • A classical style, harmonic and universal tones from precious stones, always linked with architecture.
  • A high percentage of recycled material, inspired by metropolitan concrete. Superb in aesthetic and functional qualities.
    Blocks ceramics
  • Natural beauty of the stone gets improved by nature and irregular shade variations.
    Bryce Ceramics
  • Carociment Ceramic collection is characterized by a good sense of style and you can adjust it for various interiors. It’s a perfect mix of elegance, solidity and good resistance to different factors.
  • Cornerstone offers its own unique interpretation of the stones of the world based on a fresh vision and new reproduction technologies.
It has distinctive forms and geological rarities.
    Cornerstone Ceramics
  • Emotion ceramic aims to leave, interpreting contemporary living styles as an on-going, everlasting, engaging style and creativity.
  • Fabric ceramic is a new way of enjoying your home, in an atmosphere that recalls the elements of nature and comfort.
  • A faithful reproduction, in porcelain stoneware, of oak boards hand-planed by skilled craftsmen.
    Fusion Ceramics
  • Green tech is a product with a high recycled content. The production process stands out on the preparation of the mix of the determination of the cntent of recycled material.
    Green Tech Ceramics
  • A high tech and up to date feeling, completed by high thickness proposals, suitable for indoor and outdoor heavy duty floors.
    Grey Soul
  • Pure, essential shapes for a product that moves above and beyond shifting fashions into the realm of Jazz objects
    Jazz ceramics
  • Kalos tile has modern and industrial stone effect design with different sizes and natural colors.
  • Keystone is truly the key, the password to a product that is born as stone and becomes style. It is inspired by the elements of nature, to provide new interior design and living space solutions.
    Keystone ceramics
  • A home living in harmony with nature is a philosophy typical of the Japanese culture. Kyoto is a classic cut slate with plain colors and a slightly flaky effect.
    Kyoto ceramics
  • A particular tupe of Portuguese stone is widely used in the ancient Renaissance buildings. Lagos reinterprets this limestone rock with a very modern cut, providing sizes, patterns and colors that recall a contemporary classic style.
    Lagos ceramics
  • The Ballet collection re-creates the magical enchantment of this timelessart form. The use of innovative materials gives the decoration a special gleam, adding new light to interior design schemes.
    Le Ballet ceramics
  • Ceramic Stone and technology combined in a mix of nature and design, a combination of material and aesthetics to personalize spaces. A fusion of style and contemporary evolution.A unique collection, available in the large formats, 60x120 & 30x120
    Le Marne ceramics
  • A modern-classic style that gives creative solutions to this unique style lovers.
  • The name derives from the well-known oriental game played with wooden or ivory sticks. Mikado refers to this set of of thin strips of natural wood, very strong laminated wood to avoid montony and bring life to elegant surfaces.
    Mikado ceramics
  • The world of wood contains an almost infinite wealth of species, varying from area to area.
Today the collection features four types of wood, from different regions of the world, their patterning and surfaces flawlessly reproduced.
    Millelegni ceramics
  • Emileceramica has caught the exclusive style of the Milanese design in this floor tile line design for elegant, timeless homes with fine interiors featuring a decidedly glamour style.
    Montenapoleone ceramics
  • A collection that matches all contemporary needs, combining indoor and outdoor surfaces.
    North Wind Ceramics
  • Concrete is the product of human hands; they move, spread, smooth and mix it.
On Square reproduces the salt blooms on the surface, the traces of sand in the mortar, and the wear caused by the passage of feet and time.
It is proposed in a range of dusty, neutral shades and in two surface finishes:
- a natural surface that is matt and textured
- a honed surface that reproduces the smoothed, rounded effect.
    On square ceramics
  • The Oversize collection comes in many different colours and sizes. Suitable for indoor flooring and tiling in spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces, with modern touch and decorations.
  • A faithful reproduction of large slabs of Pietra di Borgogna with original, unique traces left by the passage of time. A contemporary proposal suited to any indoor or outdoor space.
    Petra ceramics
  • An original, innovative collection that takes inspiration from a rare wonder of nature: petrified wood.
This is wood that has turned into stone through a process called silicization.
This collection proposes in three colours and two versions:
Bark: this version uses a special plaster cast technique to reproduce petrified bark with its typical natural crust and the flakiness caused by some parts breaking off. 
Core: this version faithfully simulates the heart of the wood, proposed in two possible surfaces: 
- Matt (Natural)
- Glossy (Honed)
    Petriefied Tree ceramics
  • Pietra Etrusca is a gold color limestone quarried since the 5th century B.C. in the quarries of the province of Grosseto.
Being extermely easy to work and delicately colored it was very soon successfully used in the field of architecture and sculpture. Emilceramica now revives a fragment of the past after more than 2000 years reinterpreting it in the light of modern design creteria with an up-to-date and versatile product.
    Pietra Etrusca ceramics
  • Nature has always been an inspirational muse, longing to be conjured up in everyday life.Reviera gives tangible proof of this in its reinterpretation of materials, colors and shapes.
    Riviera ceramics
  • Scratch Ceramic is a modern cement effect tiles, which enables you to renovate your home or workplace in a contemporary way.
  • The seasons continue to change as always and their immutable, timeless rhythm proposes infinite creative combinations, mixing colours, changing the outlines, altering the perspective of things.
The endless colours and shapes, reproducing it in a collection of decor tiles with striking, natural geometric designs and a truly unique character.
    Season ceramics
  • Sierra Ceramic is one of a kind, unique tile which pays tribute to the natural authenticity of wood and its veining effects.
  • Light, warm, wonderful, intense origin of everything and end of nothing. Nature originates from light and in light it regenerates in a never-ending cycle.
A constant pursuit of perfection which always finds its own expression.
    Silk Marfil ceramics
  • Light, warm, wonderful, intense origin of everything and end of nothing. Nature originates from light and in light it regenerates in a never-ending cycle.
A constant pursuit of perfection which always finds its own expression.
    SilverStone ceramics
  • Fresh, young and colored. 
Restyle a living space with class and happiness.
    Splash ceramics
  • A mix of elegant and exclusive stones that eloquently interpret the style and needs of contemporary living. 
The surface faithfully reproduces the grain of natural stone.
    Stone Box ceramics
  • Building on the success of Stone Box, a mix of elegant, exclusive stones in three versatile, modular sizes, offering new perspectives for contemporary style and living spaces.
    Stone Box mini ceramics
  • The study of blocks of stone quarried in the mountains, then the working of those same blocks for use in the building industry.
The extension of the colour
range increases the potential for use of Stone Project by architects and interior
designers required to offer high-grade technical solutions in refined shades.
    Stone project ceramics
  • Technika tile is the result of advanced technologies, aesthetic and strength features for materials designed for public places.
  • Metropolitan atmospheres and colors, for a contemporary tiled space, and up to date decoration.
    Trame Ceramics
  • Wood Talk, a high-performance technical product, proposes a selection of different woods that endow spaces with a modern look inspired by nature.
    Wood Talk ceramics
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